“Business Notes is not a collection of business letters, ready to be mailed to any Tom, Dick, or Harriet.  Rather, editor and author Isaacs takes her own advice and offers a very personal and very engaging view of an etiquette practice many would prefer to forget.”  —Booklist

“Never are we more concerned with getting it right than when writing to one who has suffered a loss.  In My Deepest Sympathies, letter-writing guru Florence Isaacs guides us through the ins and outs of offering comfort and support with short yet meaningful notes that will long be remembered by their recipients.”  — reviews

The New York Times dubbed Isaacs “the Dear Abby of Death.”


While promoting her books, Florence Isaacs has appeared on ABC-TV’s The View.  She was interviewed on ABC-TV’s Viewpoint, and the nationally syndicated Michael Smerconish Program.  She has been a speaker for The Red Hats Society.


Isaacs’ articles have appeared in Reader’s Digest, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day and other national publications.