Everything you ever wanted to know about funeral etiquette but were afraid to ask
Funeral Ediquite

When is attending a funeral or memorial service “a must,” and when is it optional? Can a eulogy be funny? Can I scatter my brother’s ashes in the backyard? Should I place a death notice or an obituary? What’s the difference?

These are all questions that Florence Isaacs has been asked as a blogger for Legacy.com, a role that earned her the nickname of the “Dear Abby of Death.”

In Do I Have to Wear Black to a Funeral?, she answers urgent questions about grief, funerals, different religious ceremonies, and more, offering practical guidelines for modern situations―and, yes, what to wear. Isaacs’ honest, often entertaining, responses provide no-nonsense information to millennials, while also helping older generations navigate new waters, like how to send condolences through social media. She offers fresh insights, plus an etiquette map of the right things to do and say, in her familiar, sensitive, and sincere style.

Just a Note to Say... The Perfect Words for Every Occasion
books on speaking at funtions

This bestseller proves that you don’t have to write a lot to say a lot.  Brief, yet meaningful notes can let people know how much they matter.  Over 350 ideas and examples help you put your genuine feelings down on paper, whether you’re adding a few personal lines to a card or writing a separate note.  Covers birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, graduations, holidays, get well notes, and other occasions.
221,000 copies sold

Business Notes: Writing Personal Notes That Build Professional Relationships
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This ultimate guide helps you write memorable follow-up notes, thank-you notes, cover notes for resumes, notes to recognize promotions and achievements, notes for retirement and job loss –and more.  A great way to give yourself an edge in the fast-paced business world. 
55,000 copies sold

My Deepest Sympathies...: Meaningful Sentiments for Condolence Notes and Conversations, Plus a Guide to Eulogies
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What do you say when someone’s loved one has died? When you understand what’s expected of you (it’s a lot less than you may think) and how to respond, you can relax and do the right thing. This book offers hundreds of examples to stimulate your own thinking, and explains the rules for different kinds of relationship losses. You’ll learn the skills to express sympathy appropriately in even the most difficult situations-and make meaningful eulogies as well.

Toxic Friends/True Friends: How Your Friends Can Make or Break Your Health, Happiness, Family, and Career.
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Friends are sources of help, hope, and growth as we confront life’s pressures and changes. Vivid anecdotes, plus insights from experts, explain how the right friends can enhance your career, marriage, the single life, retirement, and make you a better parent. You’ll also learn how to navigate tricky waters in business and on-line friendships, with in-laws, with the opposite sex—and how to make lasting personal and professional friends.

What Do You Say When . . .: Talking to People with Confidence on Any Social or Business Occasion
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Have you ever walked alone into a room of chattering people and felt nervous? Is the idea of attending a wedding or job interview where you won’t know many people intimidating? The art of conversation is a necessary skill for navigating life’s social and business occasions, and with practice you can develop the ability to easily talk to people. What Do You Say When … is a smart, useful tool that helps you assess all situations and approach people with confidence.

When the Man You Love Is Ill: Doing Your Best for Your Partner without Losing Yourself (co-authored with Dorree Lynn, Ph.D.)
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Heart attack. Parkinson’s. Cancer. Stroke. Whenever an illness strikes, a couple’s world turns upside down. This book offers compassionate advice for dealing with losses, navigating the medical establishment, protecting finances, understanding the male-patient psyche, coping with stress and talking through fears, keeping your family stable, maintaining your sex life, nurturing a thriving relationship, making your own needs a priority. Practical, step-by-step solutions for crisis and chronic situations.

The 24/7 Baby Doctor: A Harvard Pediatrician Answers All Your Questions from Birth to One Year (co-authored with Victoria Rogers McEvoy, M.D.)
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The 24/7 Baby Doctor is the essential twenty-first-century reference guide for new parents. Doing away with the often intimidating “What to Expect” approach of so many parenting books, Dr. Victoria Rogers McEvoy coaches readers in an encouraging, you-can-do-this voice, telling parents what they can do and when they need to consult their doctor. She asks (and answers) all key questions, on topics such as sleep, food, crying, stooling, spitting up, development, health and safety, and technology.

BlindSpots: Stop Repeating Mistakes That Mess Up Your Love Life, Career, Finances, and Happiness (co-authored with Steven S. Simring, MD and Sue Klavans Simring, DSW.)
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Co-authored with Steven Simring, MD & Sue Klavans Simring, DSW

Dr. Steven and Sue Simring show that it is possible to overcome damaging behavior patterns if one has the awareness and discipline to eliminate the emotional blindspots that cloud judgement and lead to faulty decision making.